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Meet the C.E.O of Thug Poetry Records! Actor, Music Artist & more!

Jamari Cannon also known as the music artist J’MAR was born July 3rd 1988 in upland southern California hospital by a single mother that was rape as a teen and got pregnant which the child was him, He is the oldest child out of four. Since he never had a real dad his Godfather sign the birth certificate as his father but He left to the army and mother was too busy running the streets. So he ended up being raised by his grandparents as a child. Even though child services were trying to take him away from his family his grandparents fought back and won. He grew up in L.A and O.C County moving back and forth. His life was fill with ups and downs, struggles, disappointments and good times. He started getting into music at the age ten. Where he started song writing at first than got more into the rap scene. Which his auntie boyfriend at the time got him started. Which also gave him his rap name J’MAR who is now dead the guy was name Ryan aka Supa r.i.p! As a kid growing up with his grandparents, aunties and uncle, he grew up listening and always hearing a lot of old school music also a lot of Hip Hop music like 2pac, Biggie, LL Cool J, Too Short, N.W.A, Snoop Dogg, Mac Dre, Cash Money, Master P and many more. What artist inspire him the most and made him take music serious would have to be no one else but the greatest 2pac. Everything about that man from his lyrics and more, made J’MAR want to do the same but in his own way. Something about 2pac spark a light inside him to start rapping and write music. J’MAR use to battle rap in high school and started to get notice as the best rapper at his school well as a known drug dealer on the side. His family never had any idea but only his friends, little brother and sister. High school was fun He graduate and everything. He was doing good until after high school him, his brother and friends got a case in 2008 for robbery breaking in people homes and more. He was facing a 25 years state prison sentence but later on won the case all of them were release for the lack of evidence and no witnesses. I don’t know if it was because of the black judge looking out for young black men but God bless him, his brother and his friends with a second chance in life. When that judge said I never want to see you here again He took it serious and never return yet. Even though some cops said he be back, J’MAR never let it get to him and started getting serious and stay focus on his goals. He started to go to school at The Performance Academy between 2012-2014 and later got sign to Rascals Talent Agency for acting, which he is no longer sign to for acting but now sign to Minc Talent as his agent and Hollywood Original Talent HOT Management as his Talent Management. In the year of 2015 he sign his first record deal with a independent label name 1017 Mafia Gang Records Southwest Brick Squad by O.G Mack Drama a old piru blood from Arizona. J’MAR thought he finally made it big until a few months later he and other artist that were sign to the same label found out the label was crooked. He decided to leave the label and was hit with death threats but it never stop him and now he is trying to get back on the music scene again with his little brother. He started his own record label which is T.P.R know as Thug Poetry Records. He has many businesses and investments he is working on right now. From Real Estate, Cannibas, Stocks, Music, Acting and many more! Praying to God that it works out and some miracle happens. The only thing He knows that He won’t give up! He will never give up!

Instagram: Welovejmar

Twitter: Welovejmar

SnapChat: Welovejmar

YouTube: JmarThugPoetry


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